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When it comes to safe and reliable flying, there are few companies out there as popular and appreciated as Southwest Airlines. Founded in 1971, this airline company has managed to gain the trust of the Americans and it has become the largest Boeing 727 operator in the world. Furthermore, with more than 550 planes and a lot of destinations, this is a versatile company that knew how to accommodate itself to the needs of its clients.

With the new wave of technology that has “struck” everyone the past few decades, there came a lot of lifestyle changes in everyone’s lives. The Internet has facilitated people’s access to information, as well as their ability to communicate on large distances. Furthermore, it has become a very safe place to shop and to apply for various benefits and it has become the number 1 place when it comes to finding out something in a very fast and comfortable way. Southwest Airlines makes no exception from the rule and they have managed to keep up with the rapid pace of technology by building an official website that is actually useful for their customers. Below is a guide on how you can find out information about future flights and you can also check a flight’s status.

Required to see information about future flights and you can also check a flight’s status:

  • A computer (or a device that can connect to the Internet)
  • An Internet connection
  • Flight information (from, to, date, flight number)

Steps to see information about future flights and you can also check a flight’s status:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows, click the link we have provided here:
  2. SCROLL OVER the Air link next to special offers in the blue box and click on the “Check Flight Status” link.
  3. Enter the information that is required (flight information) and then click on the button saying “Continue”. If you do not know exactly the flight number, you can leave a gap there, but you will have to browse from more similar flights.
  4. A list of flights that suit your criteria will appear on the screen. Next to each flight, there will be a “Status” button on which you can click if you want to check the status of a flight.

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